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Skates, wheels, socks and more!!



**Please contact any of our locations for questions about our products!**


**We have a wide range of skates in stock as well as a full skate catelog to order from!**



We have socks available at our Pro Shop for $4.00.  

Riedell Dart

Their attention to quality and value you can't resist you can tell why Riedell is the #1 skating brand!

Boots: Riedell Dart

Chassis: Lightweight but rugged PowerDyne Thrust nylon plate.

Wheels: Dart 62mm / 93A

Bearings: Kwik ABEC-5

Sizes: 1-14 in both

blue dart.jpg
Rock GT-50


The GT-50 is great for wider feet that need a little more room as well as it has extra padding which is comfortable for everyone.  

Boots:  Synthetic boot with padded collar, foam tongue and cushioned foot bed.

Chassis:  Rock double-action plates with adjustable toe stops.

Wheels:  Black or White GT-50

Bearings:  Sure-Grip ABEC-5

Sizes:  Men's Black (1-15) Men's White (1-10) Men's Grey (4-13)

Chicago Bullet 

Chicago's best-selling skate of all time. 

Boots: Chicago vinyl speed boots.

Chassis: Light-weight, plastic plates with aluminum trucks.

Wheels: Bullet 58 mm speed-style wheels with hubs

Bearings: Carbon ABEC-1

Sizes: Black Men's (1-12) White Ladies (1-10)

Sure-Grip Boardwalk Frame


These skates are both stylish and effective!

Boots: Sure-Grip's suede leather boots in teal, pink, red, or purple.

Chassis: Rock double-action plates with adjustable toe stops. 

Wheels: Sure-Grip's Fame wheels in new translucent colors! 57 mm in 98A

Bearings: Sure-Grip ABEC-3 bearings

Sizes: Men's All Colors (4-10)

boys comet.jpg
Pacer Comet 

Popular light-up skate from Pacer.

Boots: Speed profile with padded collar and Velcro power straps.

Chassis: Pacer polymer plates with fixed toe stops.

Wheels: 54 mm pilyurethane injected wheels. Outside wheel lights up as you skate.  

Bearings: 608ZB sealed

Sizes: Boy's Grey & Yellow (12J-5) Girl's White & Rainbow (12J-5)



Chicago 800/805

Chicago's top-of-the-line skate.

Boots: Leather lined Chicago boots.

Chassis: Polished aluminum plates with jump-bars and adjustable toe stops.

Wheels: 58mm urethane wheels.

Bearings: ABEC-1 

Sizes: White 800 (5-10) Black 805 (5-13)

Pacer Charger

Youth speed skate that looks awesome at the rink.

Boots: Speed profile with padded collar and Velcro power straps.

Chassis: Pacer polymer plates with fixed toe stops. 

Wheels: 54mm polyurethane injected

Bearings: 608ZB sealed

Sizes: Boy's Black (10J-4) Girl's White (10J-4)

The American

Whether you're an art skater, or someone who enjoys skating with their friends

Boots: Sure-Grip #73 leather, artistic boots.

Chassis: Sure-Grip Competitor plates with double-action trucks, jumpbars, and adjustable toe stops. 

Wheels: All-American Plus artistic wheels

Bearings: Lynx ABEC-7

Sizes: Men's Black (4-13); Ladie's White (4-10)

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