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Dress and Conduct Code

    Dress Code


  • Socks must be worn with rental skates

  • No undershirts worn alone

  • No fish net or mesh shirts

  • No bare midriffs

  • No strapless, tube, see through, or tank tops

  • No vulgar writing on clothes

  • No short-shorts

  • No excessively loose or baggy pants

  • No torn or cut pants allowed

  • No headgear in building (protective headgear allowed)

  • All Clothing must be worn in a manner where no private parts are shown


    Conduct Code


  • No loitering (inside or outside of building)

  • No foul language or fighting

  • No smoking allowed on premises

  • No spectators except guardians

  • No cell phone use or selfie sticks on skate floor

  • No earbuds or ear phones on skate floor

  • Must keep rental skates inside building

  • No fast or rough skating

  • 10 mph in parking lot

  • No alcoholic beverages or intoxicated persons on premises

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