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Frequently Asked Questions


What ages do you suggest for skating parties?


We suggest that for younger children and beginner skaters parties, that you book it privately or during our slow roller session on Saturdays from 11:30-1:30!


Do you have skate lessons?


We offer lessons in the summer. Contact any of our locations for more information.




Do you have security on site? 


All of our locations have security on Friday and Saturday nights and during some special events. In some cases we suggest that groups provide their own security. 


Do you accept checks, credit cards, and/or cash?


We accept cash, MasterCard and VISA. No checks or American Express cards accepted.


How far in advance do I need to book a party?


We suggest that you book a private party 2-3 months in advance (especially if you want a weekend date). Insession parties can be booked a week in advance.


Is there a charge for parents watching their kids?


There is no charge if they are not skating.


Do you provide skate repairs?


Yes, we have a full supply of tools to fix your skates.


Can you bring your own skates or do you have to rent?


You may bring your own or rent regular skates for $2 or inline skates for $5.


Does the deposit I pay on a party go towards the final amount owed?


Yes it does.

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